“Sparring” Part II, a study on audio visualization with Unity

A piece I did for a performance, it originally has two parts, the first part is a short dance improv (lock dance to funk music) with stereotypical audio visualizer visual (bars moving up and down).  The second part is here. Parameters of each visual effect are controlled by the music based on FFT analysis in real-time(with a hint of randomness), but the camera changes and the timings to change visual effect presets are mapped to the music manually beforehand.

The piece was intended to be a performance of alternating between me dancing to the music and the software reacting to the music, imitating the form of a dance battle, and this is why the music is created in a very structured way. However, after making the visuals for a while, I just don’t feel like leaving blankness on the screen for a certain amount of time anymore. Maybe that’s a bad idea? I don’t know. It’s all for fun and I had it. 🙂